Case Study: Transystems LLC

Jun 27, 2011

Ever since John Rice opened the doors to Transystems LLC, a bulk commodities transportation company that works across the Midwest and western states, the company has done its best to live up to its motto of “Safety… Families depend on it.”

To help, Transystems has engaged in a number of training programs including online classes, industry videos and printed materials.

Nevertheless, explains Transystems Director of Training John McCann, those training methods had limitations. “Our drivers like to see their own equipment and they didn’t with the industry videos we were using,” he says. “The other thing is that over-the-road trucking is quite different than our type of trucking.”

Enter Glen Silcock, whom John had met a couple of years before when he was looking for some equipment. The two stayed in contact and when John determined that Transystems would benefit from customized, self-produced training videos, he tabbed Glen and One World Media’s expertise.

“We need unique things for our particular job types,” John says. “When I took over as Director of Training about three years ago, we started producing the videos. Glen was instrumental in guiding us in how to develop scripts, shoot the video and put it together. He’s kind of got a sixth sense for what we need.”

From John’s seat, it’s more economical and effective to hire One World Media to produce these custom training videos. “We have a lot of owner/operators, and we need to make sure they understand how we expect them to operate,” he says. “How to make sure loads are loaded properly, what to do pre-trip and on a three-point hold, which is how to enter and exit a truck without injuring yourself.

“The key is that our drivers see their own equipment,” he continues. “We’re now working on videos about paperwork, how to get paid, how to inspect the vehicle and different road safety issues.”

In addition to producing the videos, John reports that One World Media has assisted in building up a library of training materials for the company’s drivers and getting it online.

“We have what we call Mastery Online Training, which is where we have the videos we’ve created and commercial training videos that are used to meet OSHA and DOT requirements,” he says. “Glen helped us upload the videos through Mastery and now they are available to our drivers 24-hours a day.”

As far as the bottom line, John reports the company has seen a positive trend in its safety numbers. “Training plays a big part in improving safety, because it provides information to our employees quickly and it provides it consistently,” he says. “We see a big value there. Yes, it improves safety along with hands-on management and working together.”

Please visit the Videos page to see samples of the recent Transystems training videos produced by One World Media.

To learn more about Transystems LLC, please visit the company’s website by clicking here.

Why Web Videos?

May 23, 2011

Clients from around the United States turn to One World Media for promotional and training videos, used to market and sell their products or train their employees. Historically those videos have been delivered physically via videotape, Blu-ray discs or DVD discs.

Recently, OWM clients have asked for a way to deliver compelling, professional and polished videos more immediately to their audience.

So, One World Media researched and then partnered with Brightcove, one of the world’s leading online video platform and delivery providers. Now, any video produced by OWM can be played on-demand, on our clients’ websites any hour, any day.

“This is the next step in video,” remarks One World Media’s president Glen Silcock. “We’ve heard over and over from our clients that having their message available to be heard 24/7 is positively impacting their bottom lines.”

So, it’s no surprise that Silcock and the One World Media staff have been busy creating concepts and scripts, shooting video and recording audio, posting sessions and prepping the videos for presentation across desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. OWM has provided clients promotional and training videos for use on their websites.

“Not only are web videos dynamic ways to convey information and compel action, they keep visitors on websites,” Silcock adds, “and the longer someone is on a website the more likely it is they will buy or call for information.”

To see the videos OWM has produced, please visit the Video Demos page by clicking here.

OWM Welcomes Plura Broadcast

May 1, 2011

One World Media announced today that the company is now offering Plura Broadcast monitors for sale and rent out of its Twin Falls, ID offices.

One World Media’s president Glen Silcock was introduced to the Plura Broadcast line during NAB 2011 in Las Vegas, NV.

“While I was impressed by what I saw at NAB, when I got a chance to take a monitor out in the field I was blown out of the water,” Silcock reports. “The clarity, easy of use and quality of the product makes it one of the best monitors available. I’m really happy we can offer this line at One World Media.”

Plura is a leading global manufacturer of a wide range of high-performance multi-function HD and SD LCD video monitors and equipment engineered specifically for digital broadcast and professional video production. For more information, please visit the Plura Broadcast website by clicking here.