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People now-a-days have begun rediscovering the unique beauty of films. Given the date of which these are initially made and developed, these reels can be susceptible to damage. With the advancements of modern technology, these timeless films can now be converted to digital format so the contents can be preserved and people can continue experiencing being able to watch a video from the early 1900s. What’s more is that, through digital conversion, one could already enjoy watching such films with the conveniences of modern devices. With just one click, one could watch it with relative ease. Digital conversion redefines the nostalgia of watching old films as it provides a whole new world of
experiences to enjoy memories.

The film also has a tendency to deteriorate over time if not stored properly, thus affecting the quality of the film within the reel itself. People now-a-days are having films scanned and converted in order to save the content of these reels.

We use the latest film scanning equipment that converts films into digital data. We use the Retroscan Universal HD/2k movie scanner for all of our film scans. This type of scanner is able to scan a wide variety of formats such as 8mm, S8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm, and slides. This equipment is capable of scanning frame by frame to produce standard and high definition files, Quicktime, AVI, and
uncompressed files.

Film has been an integral part of people’s lives at one point, but what really matters is the information contained within those films. Don’t let those timeless memories and visual information get lost along with the film’s degradation. We are committed to archiving not only films and shots, but memories. We guarantee that you get high-quality archival resolutions ready to be viewed in today’s modern society and for years to come.

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Project Phases


Our role is to capture the message that our clients want to convey; and in order for us to achieve that, we involve our clients during pre-production. Firstly, we talk to our clients to understand their concept and the objective of the video. We converse with them so that we can structure the video based on what they want. This phase is important as it helps us bring all ideas together into a coherent plan and set the overall vision of the project. The pre-production phase also tackles the possible locations and the intended materials to be used. The flow of the video is discussed and organized so that when production commences, the process can run smoothly. For more elaborate and lengthy videos, we may use methods such as storyboarding to pre-visualize the sequence of each event to be portrayed in the video.


After establishing the concept and setting the layout of the video, we proceed to the production phase. This is when the cameras roll. In this phase, we get the necessary equipment ready after which we visit the chosen site to prepare the venue for the shoot. Every detail that is necessary to the production process is checked and double checked. Lighting for example, is one of the main points to consider. Even the daily weather report should be taken into account especially when using drones for aerial filming, or if the chosen locations for the shoot were outdoors. In certain productions, we may also shoot B-roll as an alternative footage to make the finished video even more dynamic. Our clients are also highly encouraged to be on site during this phase so that the production itself remains true to what the client wants.


The final phase of production or the post-production stage involves video editing. It includes a meticulous process of refinement to make sure that the end-result meets the standards of our company. This phase is where we really become creative. We use the latest programs and state-of-the-art software to achieve the desired results. We work on the raw footage to produce a video that’s clear in terms of resolution and sound clarity. The video also undergoes light and color adjustments, music scoring, voice-overs, video graphics, and animation if necessary. On top of that, special effects are added to certain portions of the video that could not be incorporated during the production phase. These edits all come together to make the video really come to life.

All throughout the different project phases, we aim to involve our clients as much as possible. The videos we are making are considered to portray our clients’ message and vision.

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