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We at One World Media offer legal video services to any client in need of services to aid them in their settlements and court hearings. We are a Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) and a member of the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA). We take pride in the fact that our company has grown a lot throughout the years and is now recognized by other members of the NCRA and other court reporting films as a trusted company for developing legal videos and recordings. 25 years of experience in making legal videos has given us the skills necessary to develop videos and recordings of high quality. We understand that unlike paper-based evidence of scripts, the emotions and expressions of a plaintiff or defendant presented in a legal video can define the case more effectively. In order for the recording to be as transparent as possible, we focus on voice clarity and clear imagery when recording.

What is a Video Deposition?

Video deposition is the video and audio documentation of a witness. It is considered as a legal proceeding in which an attorney would ask questions in a legal environment outside a courtroom such as (but not limited to) an attorney’s office. Although a judge is not present during the process, the rules for a certain jurisdiction should be followed. Here is where we come in. It is our responsibility as legal videographers to make sure that the information is recorded accurately. Every word and facial expression is recorded as it is taken. Accuracy is emphasized in legal depositions as these recordings may be presented in a court hearing, sometimes due to the possibility of the witness not being able to attend.

While transcription is an integral part of the legal process, documenting all verbal cues of a witness, legal videos step in as an add-on to capture non-verbal cues during the deposition process. It shows how the person acts and how he speaks during the recording. Legal video depositions enable the jury to see the emotions and expressions of the witnesses that can have a significant impact on the case.

Day-in-the-life Videos

Day-in-the-life videos are videos usually made as evidence during testimonies of a person. These videos accurately capture and depict the life of an individual in the aftermath of a serious accident or other life-changing events. Due to the crucial information contained in such videos, strict guidelines are followed during the production process. These videos are commonly made to support daily living situations, especially in cases of personal injury. Day-in-the-life videos show the person in his/her living current condition after the injury. It shows how daily activities such as getting dressed or brushing their teeth are affected by the person’s current status.

Accident Site Inspections

If you need a video to support your allegations or maintain the image and integrity of existing evidence, we provide site inspection video services. Site inspections can be helpful for those who may testify as a witness or expert for a particular case. Information that can be left out by police officers but captured on video may be used as evidence to support a case. We aid our clients by recording the locations of the said event and focus on details that can support the plaintiff or the defendant. We utilize the latest video recording tools such as aerial drones to better survey the site.

Living Wills

These videos are of much importance as they provide the visual and audio documentation of the will of the client as well as the visual images of the people involved during the development of the client's will. Living wills not only document the person and his statements, but it also emphasizes the person’s mental and physical state during the articulation of the person’s desires.

Settlement Videos

In civil and criminal litigations, settlement videos can be of great help as they indicate your message to the other party. These can be used to imply the degree of an injury, financial loss, disfigurement, or even the extent of rehabilitation. Unlike paper-based settlement documents where the reader can simply skip from page to page, settlement videos convey the visual message the person wishes to send.

We document all sorts of information needed by the plaintiff or defendant such as his/her daily life, medical statements, and home videos so that a presentation can be given to ultimately resolve a claim.

Transcript Syncing

We take the files from the court reporter with the videos and sync them for easier use in court.. This is because lawyers will now be able to quickly access, edit, and present video deposition clips at the trial in a more compelling way. This way, the jury will be able to see as well as read and understand what was really said during the deposition. Transcript syncing also helps them understand the deponent better as his/her body language during the video recording merge seamlessly with the transcript itself. With us, we make sure that your video deposition is accurately in sync with the transcript.

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Project Phases


Our role is to capture the message that our clients want to convey; and in order for us to achieve that, we involve our clients during pre-production. Firstly, we talk to our clients to understand their concept and the objective of the video. We converse with them so that we can structure the video based on what they want. This phase is important as it helps us bring all ideas together into a coherent plan and set the overall vision of the project. The pre-production phase also tackles the possible locations and the intended materials to be used. The flow of the video is discussed and organized so that when production commences, the process can run smoothly. For more elaborate and lengthy videos, we may use methods such as storyboarding to pre-visualize the sequence of each event to be portrayed in the video.


After establishing the concept and setting the layout of the video, we proceed to the production phase. This is when the cameras roll. In this phase, we get the necessary equipment ready after which we visit the chosen site to prepare the venue for the shoot. Every detail that is necessary to the production process is checked and double checked. Lighting for example, is one of the main points to consider. Even the daily weather report should be taken into account especially when using drones for aerial filming, or if the chosen locations for the shoot were outdoors. In certain productions, we may also shoot B-roll as an alternative footage to make the finished video even more dynamic. Our clients are also highly encouraged to be on site during this phase so that the production itself remains true to what the client wants.


The final phase of production or the post-production stage involves video editing. It includes a meticulous process of refinement to make sure that the end-result meets the standards of our company. This phase is where we really become creative. We use the latest programs and state-of-the-art software to achieve the desired results. We work on the raw footage to produce a video that’s clear in terms of resolution and sound clarity. The video also undergoes light and color adjustments, music scoring, voice-overs, video graphics, and animation if necessary. On top of that, special effects are added to certain portions of the video that could not be incorporated during the production phase. These edits all come together to make the video really come to life.

All throughout the different project phases, we aim to involve our clients as much as possible. The videos we are making are considered to portray our clients’ message and vision.

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