Video Biographies

Biographies are documented accounts of a person’s life. It utilizes one or several methods of documentation in order to tell the story of the person. The oldest forms of biographies are through the use of oral tradition. They tell the tales of their ancestors, their fathers, and various heroes and as mankind progressed, so too did documentation. Biographies eventually began to manifest in the form of writing.

In this age, videos have become parallel to the popularity of written content. Video has its advantages over written forms of biographies as video highlights the movements and facial features of the person, written forms of biographies lack in that field. The major disadvantage of the video is that it’s usually compressed into a certain amount of time and thus, affecting the story of the person being targeted in the biography. Written biographies have the capability to go in detail about the person without the need to compress the information within the biography.

Even so, Video has become as popular as it is convenient. When it comes to personal biographies such as one’s life and his or her family, Video becomes the ideal medium to portray the life of a person. It offers a vivid depiction of the subject in the biography and gives viewers a better understanding of that person.

We utilize various mediums of depictions of one’s life and collate it to form a biography that is uniquely yours. With your consent, we will gather all the needed information including pictures, interviews, professional videos and raw videos to tell your story. We directly collaborate with our clients in order for us to create a biography that depicts their lives.

We use state-of-the-art cinematic cameras to capture the moment that matters to our clients. We even go as far as utilizing the use of drones to capture aerial shots. We make sure that our clients get only the best services available. We also make copies on DVD, Blu-ray, and hard drives upon request.

A video biography is a perfect way to provide memoirs to the family and will even stand the test of time and be available way after the person passes away. The memories depicted in the biography are a perfect way to remember the person, through the good and the bad, through hardships and love.

We understand the meaning of family and one’s life, and we want to provide you with the opportunity of being able to leave something behind that your loved ones and others will cherish forever.